Playgrounds and Recreational Facilities

Risk Area:

Playgrounds and Recreational Facilities

Target population:

All Ages

Law/Regulation Code:

11-2-1; Utah Admin. R. 430-60 (R430-60-12. Activities)

Law Summary:

Licensing for child care centers require that the protective surfacing must comply with CPSC guidelines and ASTM standards.

The administrative rules setting forth standards for child care center licensing (Utah Admin. R. 430-60) require that the protective surfacing in child care center playgrounds must comply with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM guidelines. The rules also require a fall zone of six feet surrounding all playground equipment.

R430-60-12. Activities.

(1) The licensee shall have an array of activities and sufficient supplies at the center, which are appropriate for the age and development of the children accepted for care.

(2) There shall be a minimum of 35 square feet per child of indoor play area for each child in care under age 14.

(3) If an outdoor play area is available, the area shall have at least 40 square feet for each child using the play area at any given time for each child in care under age 14.

(4) Outdoor play areas shall be fenced or have a natural barrier that provides protection from unsafe areas. Fences shall be at least four feet high. If local ordinances conflict, the director may request a variance from the Department. Any gaps within the fence shall not be greater that three and one-half inches. The bottom edges of fence shall not be more than three and one-half inches above the ground.

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