Bike/Helmet Safety

Life is hard! Unfortunately, so are brick walls, cars, trucks, street signs, fences, sidewalks, and paved roads.  Always wear a helmet when riding a bike.  The cost of a helmet is a small price to pay for head insurance.  Be sure your helmet is safety approved by CPSC. 

Wearing a Helmet Correctly

  • The helmet should fit snugly.
  • Always fasten the strap.
  • If your helmet is damaged in a crash or in any other way, you should replace it – even if damage is not obvious. 

Tips for Parents to Get Their Children to Wear Helmets

  • Set a good example by wearing your own helmet when you ride.
  • Point out athletes who use helmets.  Baseball, football, and hockey players wear helmets to prevent head injuries.
  • Have your child pick out the helmet.
  • Never allow your child to ride without wearing a helmet.
  • Praise your child for wearing a helmet.
  • Start the helmet habit early with your child’s first wheels.  

Content Sources: Helmet Use, UT Department of Health

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